2018 #MOVETHATLYMPH Summer Fun 60 Day Challenge Registration

Registration is now closed.

Stay tuned for updates on our participants and their achievements at a later date.

Welcome to the 2nd #MOVETHATLYMPH 60 Day Challenge for 2018!! For some of you, this is your first challenge. For many of you, you’ve completed multiple challenges and you are ready to help others achieve their fitness goals. In either case, we are all excited to get back in the groove and to #MOVETHATLYMPH.  So far this year we have had participants from all over the world – United States, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Japan.  Add your country to the list!

If there is ANY ever doubt in your mind that people with lymphedema cannot exercise or are lazy or fat, I challenge you to join The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club closed group on Facebook and see for yourself a group of people that are debunking myths, overcoming insurmountable odds, and smashing all types of barriers and labels. In short, their illness does not define them. You will not find a more determined group of positive like minded individuals working towards a common goal of living with lymphedema in a healthy and fit way of life. See #MOVETHATLYMPH Testimonials.

For our next #MOVETHATLYMPH challenge, we will do a Summer Fun #60DayChallenge for Summer 2018. Heat and humidity are the enemies of LE and other lymphatic diseases. This is why we are joining forces together as one team to push through arguably the toughest time of the year for all of us.

Team Atmosphere

No need for your workouts to be complicated. Participate at YOUR level. This is a challenge for Lymphies by Lymphies. This means it is NOT a competition. It is a challenge for yourself to improve or maintain your lymphatic health, depending on your needs.

By joining you commit to #MOVETHATLYMPH and sharing your progress in the group. This challenge is a pledge to support and inspire your teammates. If you do not share your workouts in the group, you are not motivating others and likewise others cannot support and motivate you when you need encouragement.

If sharing makes you uncomfortable or you do not have time, then this is not the challenge for you. If you must drop out due to unforeseen circumstances such as cellulitis, surgery, or other emergency issues, send Lymphie Strong a message.  If the reason is personal, simply state withdrawing for personal reasons.

Types of #MOVETHATLYMPH Activities

You can run, walk, swim, march in place in your living room, hike, yoga, pilates, aquatic exercise, chair exercise, pump, deep diaphragmatic breathing, gardening, stretching, or any other activity your heart desires.

Challenge Instructions

Eligibility & Rules

  1. Fill out the form on this page to join the challenge.
  2. If you are not already in the The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club (LRFC) closed Facebook group, please join. Answer the questionnaire completely.
  3. Commit to #MOVETHATLYMPH 3x per week or more
  4. Post your workouts in the group either as a summary of once per week or each time you workout through August 24, 2018. Use hashtags #movethatlymph #freedominmotion and your workout session number. See examples below.
  5. Each participant is responsible for tracking their own updates. Lymphie Strong will post weekly start reminders each Monday. Any member losing track will be disqualified. No exceptions.  You are encouraged to keep a written journal if necessary.
  6. Submit a payment of $10 for shirt shipping & adminstration costs upon your completion of the challenge.  This is final and non-refundable. Once Lymphie Strong receives your payment, your name will be entered into the drawing.
  7. By clicking and submitting the form you agree to rules set forth for the challenge as written above.

Example status updates you can post-


Day 1 – Walking

Day 2 – Swimming

Day 3 – Yoga


Day 4 – Deep Breathing/Pumping

Day 5 – Stretching

Day 6 – Gardening

As a separate option, you may post every single day, but you must keep track until you hit 27 workouts.  LRFC members maintaining these requirements will be entered into a live FB drawing on August 25, 2018.**

Juzo Grand Prize

We are proud and honored to have Juzo will sponsor the enter 2018 #MOVETHATLYMPH Calendar of Events for the entire year.

Summer Fun 60 Day Prizes via Random Drawing

2 Adult Garments – Adult Category

2 Child Garments for minor children under the age of 18. Parents may post on behalf of their child.

General Participation Prizes

Each participant that completes the challenge with all 27 workouts will receive a shirt in the mail after the conclusion of the challenge.

Good Luck and Wishing You Awesome Lymphatic Health!

Lymphie Strong


  1. I just joined the challenge & I’m excited! This is the jump start I need to add more movement to my arsenal of tools to maintain my primary bilateral leg lymphedema tarda!

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