Nails & Lymphedema

I never said I was perfect, nor will I ever claim to be perfect. I’m as real and authentic as you can get. In a society where well manicured nails are so visible, it’s hard to balance that with living with lymphedema. It’s hard to even balance it with feeling “feminine” beyond covering legs with compression.

I have bilateral lower extremity lymphedema. That means everything about a standard pedicure screams cellulitis and goes against the very core of managing LE.

This is the lone time I go without compression and a “don’t that I do”. DO NOT GET A PEDICURE IF YOU ARE PRONE TO CELLULITIS at an unknown establishment. Try a trusted podiatrist in your area instead.

Every 6 weeks I get my nails done. I have been seeing the same person for over 12 years. We have aged together. Literally. I know this because I met my nail tech when she was pregnant with her first child. I followed her everywhere she ever worked, regardless of the distance in Houston.

Four years ago she opened her own salon. I still bring my own stuff. No hot water. No hot stones. No BS. She handles me personally after all these years, because I’ve educated her about my LE. She knows I’m a “special case” and that heat is the enemy of LE.

So we talk and catch-up. During NFL football season, I watch the game while I get my nails done.

I pamper myself, and it makes me happy. Find your happy medium with this disease if you can.

Wishing you great lymphatic health,

Lymphie Strong


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