My Lymphedema is Invisible To My Husband

Thunderstorms are rolling in, and it’s an 80% chance of rain today.  Barometric pressure changes affect my lymphedema. My legs were throbbing this morning, so I decided to wear my Tributes to work. I work in an office setting and have gone to work in wraps before. 

I walked out of our bedroom to leave. 

My husband looks me up and down and says “You look pretty today. I like your pants.” I waited a beat for him to say something about the Tributes or anything about how funny they look. Nothing. It’s been that way our entire marriage. He’s never pointed out my obvious swelling.  When I told him I had Lymphedema, he said “So, I’m flat footed.” I said, “No, you don’t understand.” He answered, “Whatever it is, it’s fine.” 

Today was a reminder of his first words on it. I gave him a big kiss and hug. He said “Have a great day.” He has no idea how much better it will be now. 💜


  1. What an amazing husband you have! So many people could take lessons from his attitude of acceptance and love for you, and his ability to look beyond the physical. He touched my heart even though I have never met him 💖

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