Lymphedema Reduction Personal

Progress Is Progress

On Tuesday Nov 8, I hit a milestone with LE. For the first time since probably 2007, I was able to wear “thin” boot heels with bilateral Lymphedema to work. Last year I bought these shoes on sale for $14.99 with a goal to fit in them. If you recall, last year was the first time in 8 years that I had worn a skirt. 
Now there are a pair of Wonder Woman knee-high boots sitting in my closet that I bought with my Halloween costume. They did not fit. I was very sad but wrapped them back in their box. I cannot zip them over the ankles. Guess what’s on my next goal list for 2017? That’s right, those boots. 

The point is not to gloat or say look at me. The point is to demonstrate that our goals take longer than other people. This took 2 whole years. Every single year, I’m going to keep raising the bar for myself until a cure is found. 

I refuse to give up hope! 

I refuse to let Lymphedema win!

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