Catching Up!

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since I have last posted! So much has happened. A few firsts and a few blasts from the past have pushed me even further on this journey of maintaining my reduction in my legs.

First of all, I started a new job in late October.  It’s an exciting change for anyone, let alone a Lymphie. One of the most exciting things that happened, other than the job offer itself, was that my husband bought me a dress suit for my first day of work.


Gulp. A dress suit?


Yes.  It was a surprise gift, which he had not done in some time. If you have lower extremity LE in either one or both legs, you understand how much a gift like that would make you cringe.

While I tried to look happy, I remember being gripped with fear.

I had hidden my legs for so many years at the workplace.

Ultimately I decided to not let the old me and LE dictate my future or new opportunities.  I am so glad I did! No regrets.

Later during the Christmas season, I attended a holiday party. Having jumped that initial hurdle of the dress suit, I was ready to do a real dress. I’ll admit I did have some small anxiety about doing this, but again, I wanted to shake the old LE me away.

This was December 5, 2015 at the party with my husband.

My legs survived a 20 hour day from waking at 5:30 am for work to dinner and dancing in heels for several hours and home at 1 am. This had not happened in I don’t know how many years, and I certainly had not worn a dress at a party in at least 8 years.

Never thought it would be possible again. Keep following your dreams. Never say never. Every day is a day to say, “Take that, LE!” 👊🏽😃

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