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Keep Calm and Stay Lymphie Strong

This past Friday I drove down to my hometown  to see my Dad and help him with some of his personal affairs. He is getting ready for a big change and suffice it to say it has been a little stressful. By the end of the day, we miraculously  accomplished everything we set out to accomplish on this day trip.

I also finally had the opportunity to show him some parts of the blog, as well as some of the positive feedback that has been received.  He was in awe of all of you!  Just the sheer fact that people from 26 different countries have visited this site was moving for him.  The key message here is that we are all not alone.

He said, “For years I just had my own father as an example of how to live with Lymphedema, and he lived until he was 85. After he passed, I had no one that understood it except for you, my daughter. It is something I never wanted for you but it happened. We have to keep spreading the word. Tell everyone to Stay Strong.”

Stay tuned for his first blog post in early November, which is around his birthday.  In the meantime, I leave you with this Keep Calm poster to keep spreading awareness within your own circle of influence.

Keep Calm and Stay Lymphie Strong!

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