Why Create the Lymphie Strong Cafe?

So why did I bother creating a food group for lymphedema support when we don’t all seem to be following one single diet?

Once upon a time, our main group Official Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group for Lymphedema used to have all topics combined and as time wore on our fitness group split off into the Lymphie Strong Running & Fitness Club for Lymphedema. We had so many people involved or wanting to get involved with that topic due to the #movethatlymph challenges.

But if you visit to my website, fitness alone did not play a role in my lymphedema reduction! In 2015, I went gluten free for 6 months, lost 50 lbs, and reversed my stage 1 lymphedema. I rarely went out to eat, dropped the alcohol, went organic, etc.

Then I was able to take it up another level by doing Keto in 2017.

After trying BOTH diets, I saw that there was a tie between food and inflammation as a patient with absolutely no medical training.

Once again time wore on, and I simply got tired of saying I reduced by CDT, diet, and exercise. People would ask HOW???

For fitness, I’d simply point them to the fitness club. They’d join and voila see dozens of people posting photos of the gym and doing all kinds of exercise with no judgement. It was readily apparent that Lymphies were successful with fitness goals.

I wanted a lymphedema support group for food. I want you to see the HOW by what others share. No judgement. NO FOOD POLICE. Just Lymphies sharing what works for them to give others ideas. Firsthand personal posts of people cooking, sharing, and getting it done. Sometimes seeing really is believing.

At one point on keto my legs were so small, was able to wear heels. However, I found it too restrictive a lifestyle for my family and I also had digestive issues. I stopped because it wasn’t for me personally. This is why my groups do not call for a special protocol to be in them for support.

Everyone is DIFFERENT. I reduced being gluten free and being on keto. I honestly don’t believe it matters. What matters is what YOU feel works for you and what YOU can do long term as a lifestyle. If your changes make you feel trapped or guilty, that’s not mentally healthy. Many members try different tips here and then move on to a specific program. That’s perfectly fine.

  • We don’t care what compression you wear.
  • We don’t care if you can run a mile or do chair exercises.
  • We don’t care if you are an award winning chef or can barely make an egg.

As long as you try and are doing your best to eat as healthy as you can for your own needs, that’s what counts. Trust me. ❤️❤️


Founder of Lymphie Strong

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