Used Donation Policy

GIVEAWAY POLICY Effective May 15, 2020

Effective May 15, 2020 Lymphie Strong will no longer facilitate donations in the group unless the items are brand NEW from an unopened box and you are able to cover the cost of shipping. US only shipping is acceptable. No money should exchange between you and the recipient.

Our group has grown and changed in many ways. In the early days five years ago when we were smaller, we could do a lot more personal things like donate items to each other. Nowadays FB is getting tougher and tougher about tracking exchanges in non-sell groups. Namely bots look for drugs, pets, and human trafficking. They are making Admins more accountable and shutting down groups without recourse and without warning.

Also one of our last recipients did not pay the shipping for a pump, and a donor was out almost $80. It was rude and unacceptable. Some also do complain about the condition of received used items as not being “gently used” as described.

I have to set healthy boundaries, and it makes me uncomfortable to be stuck in the middle of an awkward situation where a problem develops either from the donor or a recipient complaint.


Thanks for understanding.