I am totally thrilled and excited to bring you this awesome new program as part of our challenge series. BrightLIfe Direct first collaborated with us back in October 2019 for the Lymphie Strong’s Favorite Things blog post and other giveaways. For November 2020 we are launching the first ever rebound challenge in #movethatlymph history. It’s been in the works for months and glad to see it come together to promote lymphatic health awareness.” –Veronica Seneriz, Founder of Lymphie Strong

Our #MOVETHATLYMPH 30 Day Rebound and Race Challenge will be done in collaboration with BrightLife Direct.

“We take great pride in supporting our customers and hope to continue advocating for lymphedema awareness and education.

About BrightLife Direct

BrightLife is a company that’s focused on customer happiness and health above all else. Our founders, Kip and Peter, started the company in 1999 with the mission of bringing a lower price compression stocking option to customers on a fixed budget. Kip and Peter went directly to a mill in North Carolina and designed an affordable line of high-quality compression wear called Allegro. It was a quick success as so many people needed these products, but couldn’t afford the brand name prices.

Over the years, our business has expanded outside of compression socks and stockings to offer every possible kind of medical compression product from velcro wraps, to bandages, to armsleeves, to swell spots and custom garments. Our core mission of superior customer service has remained. We are constantly asking ourselves, what products can we find and what services can we provide to make our customer’s lives better?

Over the past few years, we have become more and more involved with lymphedema advocacy, supporting not only our customers but the lymphedema therapists and medical professionals in the field. We have launched a consignment program for medical professionals called STAT, and we offer a Thank a Therapist program to reward amazing lymphedema professionals. We also offer a scholarship program for students who are pursuing physical or occupational therapy degrees.


BrightLife Direct will award some awesome prizes in the form of e-gift cards. These prizes are not redeemable for cash and non-transferable. You must complete the challenge completely and post your bib on the Finish Line to be entered to win this random drawing.

  • Grand prize: $100 BrightLife Direct Gift Card (e-card)
  • Second prize: $50 BrightLife Direct Gift Card (e-card)
  • Third prize:  $25 BrightLife Direct Gift Card (e-card)
  • Fourth prize: $25 BrightLife Direct Gift Card (e-card)

Virtual Team Atmosphere

  • No need for your workouts to be complicated.
  • Participate at your level and do not be afraid to try something new with necessary modifications.
  • This is a challenge for Lymphies by Lymphies. This means it is not a competition. It is a challenge for yourself to improve or maintain your lymphatic health, depending on your needs.
  • By joining you commit to #MOVETHATLYMPH and sharing your progress in the group. Do not sign up if you do not have time.
  • This challenge is a pledge to support and inspire your teammates. 

Social Media Dedication

If sharing makes you uncomfortable or you do not have time to post on social media, then this virtual challenge is not for you.

If you do not share your workouts in the group, you are not motivating others and likewise others cannot support and motivate you when you need encouragement.

Think of your sharing as tracking your progress or a journal towards your achievement.  You will be surprised how much you have accomplished once you complete the challenge.


Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about LE related or not. If you must drop out due to unforeseen circumstances such as cellulitis, surgery, or other emergency issues, send Lymphie Strong a message.  If the reason is personal, there is no need to divulge your private circumstances. You will not be chased if you are not on the finish line. No worries. We understand.

Challenge Instructions


The #MOVETHATLYMPH Series originated in January 2017.  We thank our valued and repeat challenge members and welcome new joiners alike. All of you are the true inspirational Lymphedema/Lipo-LE heroes and backbone of the entire cause to create lymphatic health awareness.  Your full participation makes it a complete success for all.  


  1. Like or Follow the Lymphie Strong and BrightLife Direct pages.
  2. Submit the payment to register by the deadline. This is final and non-refundable regardless if you finish. Only PayPal is accepted. You will receive a virtual BIB NUMBER.
  3. If you are not already in the closed Facebook group, you are welcome to join. Answer the questionnaire completely. Twitter and Instagram users are also welcome.
  4. Commit to #MOVETHATLYMPH for the minimum requirements at least.
  5. Post your check-in workouts as a summary once per week for 30 day duration.
  6. If you are on Twitter or Instagram, follow and tag @lymphiestrong in your posts. Use hashtags #movethatlymphchallenge #movethatlymph #lymphiestrong and your workout session number summary.
  7. Don’t forget your bib number hashtag!
  8. Each participant is responsible for tracking their own updates. Lymphie Strong will post weekly start reminders each Friday.
  9. Once you reach 12 workouts, you are done. You may continue to post and count if you choose to do so, but it is not a requirement.
  10. One day counts as one. Do not count two workouts/activities in one day as two, etc.
  11. Do not post a screenshot of your activity app and not explain what you did.
  12. Rest days are strongly encouraged but do not count toward your total.
  13. Any member losing track or missing 2 weekly check-ins will be disqualified. No exceptions. Refer above to “Team Atmosphere”
  14. Post on the Finish Line at the end of the race with your virtual bib to signal you have completed the challenge.


Questions or communications may be submitted to the #MOVETHATLYMPH Virtual Challenge Volunteer FAQ & Inbox.  It is not monitored on the weekends.

Good Luck and Wishing You Awesome Lymphatic Health!

Lymphie Strong