Welcome to the Lymphie Strong blog about people and families living with lymphedema.

What does Lymphie Strong mean?

It means Standing up to Lymphedema with all of your faith, power, and might.

This blog was created to try to give hope and inspiration to those living with Lymphedema.  In 2015, I went public for the first time with my hereditary LE condition and told my story on how I reduced in the following blog post:  Lymphedema Reduction: It is Possible.

I used to live my life thinking that myself and my father were the only two people on the planet with LE.  Since then, my perspective has changed dramatically, and I have met so many phenomenal people from around the world who have all types of lymphatic diseases and are thriving despite its many hurdles. 

It is estimated that there are about 10 million Americans impacted by lymphedema today; along with an estimated 150 million globally.  Over 150 countries have visited this site.

Your Community

Lymphie Strong is first and foremost about a sense of community and grassroots efforts and initiatives. 

You might feel isolated or alone.  Maybe you manage your lymphedema well, but you have never met other people who live with it. Maybe you have have just been diagnosed after cancer or decades of going from doctor to doctor. You might have all kinds of questions. 

We want to help empower you with the information and tools you need to have an intelligent conversation about your needs in terms of lymphatic health.

We welcome you to join one or all of our Lymphedema Online Support Communities

All you need is a Facebook account to join and be willing to abide by our group rules.

We believe it takes a community of people to elevate a person with Lymphedema. We must continue to spread awareness and fight for a cure.

As part of the awareness effort, I will also share general tips, information, and events as they happen in the Lymphedema community.  It is my hope that together we will be Lymphie Strong until a cure is found!

Life Changing

It typically takes several months to absorb much of the information we share as part of our communities, but the results are priceless and life altering in some cases.  Read more about the impact of our groups in Member Testimonials