My Xpandasox

This gallery showcases various ways I have used Xpandasox® for my lymphedema toolbox since 2017. Wearing these socks over bandages helps keep them in place, stay cleaner for longer, and avoid slippage at the heel that can sometimes expose the foam layer if you wear foam. Click on the hot pink link at the bottom of each photo to purchase the sock on Amazon.

“Xpandasox® are innovative, latex-free socks that stretch up to 24 in (60+ cm). Xpandasox® feature a stretchy, sewn-in Xpandapanel® that is ideal for accommodating people with wide calves and medical conditions that cause leg edema, including lymphedema and lipodema, leg swelling due to pregnancy, wound care, casts, leg braces and many more.”

Need the post op shoe? Don’t worry, it’s on Amazon too.

Darco Med-Surg Shoe, Medium, Women’s