Lymphie Strong Post Approval

Effective July 16, 2019 all Lymphie Strong managed support groups moved to post-approval. This means your post will be reviewed and accepted before it is actually published to the group.

In most cases this will be seamless. If you receive feedback, it’s to help you and the group. This is to ensure that content aligns to our Motto, Mission, and Vision as well as our rules and guidelines.

As stated before, we work hard as a Mod team to deliver quality info, speakers, and other valued content. Think about it. How many of you control what’s posted on your personal timeline? Or what is posted in your Lymphedema clinic, office, page, or website?

Same concept here.

How does this help?

  • We are online support groups split into 3 different content areas – General LE, fitness, and food. If your post fits better into another group, you will receive feedback to post it there. The members interested in those topics specifically will react.
  • You never have to say “Admin if not approved, please delete” or “I hope this is okay” because it won’t be published if it’s not approved.
  • Post approvals help keep the groups on topic.
  • Ads, selling, solicitations, self promotions and irrelevant links that crowd the feed have gone away.
  • Memes are great but we need an LE reference to them to avoid misinterpretation.

Does it work?

  • Overall, our engagement has shot through the roof. You are liking, commenting, and sharing at twice the rate across all groups.
  • Membership requests have also climbed. This means you are spreading the word.

Is it more work?

  • No. Before we were constantly in reactive mode in deleting spam and chasing members. Now we are proactive.

Bottom line

If you are a regular in our group, you probably now what type of posts will be approved and the whole process will be seamless. Remember we are a support group first and foremost, not an ad space.

Thank you for your cooperation.