I am totally thrilled and excited to bring you this awesome new program as part of our challenge series. Luna Medical is an esteemed name in the lymphatic world as a durable medical service provider who will work with anyone across the country. It is my honor to bring their sports concept to Lymphie Strong.” –Veronica Seneriz, Founder of Lymphie Strong

Our #MOVETHATLYMPH Yoga Challenge Series will be done in collaboration with Absoyogalutely, a concept by Luna Medical, Inc.

“Luna Medical has always been proud of our dedication to everything we do for the lymphedema community and the professional and friendly service we provide to each and every customer as we drop ship compression garments nationwide and bill insurance for those garments. With that said, we are proud to officially introduce you to AbsoYOGAlutely, a yoga studio & virtual yoga concept by Luna Medical, Inc. With our new corporate headquarters in Chicago, we built a yoga studio that has a heavy focus on Lymphatic & Restorative Yoga. Our classes offer deep breathing, a gentle approach and meditation that includes several poses that allow gravity to act on the lymphatic system. Decreasing stress increases lymphatic flow with benefits including increased range of motion, flexibility and muscle strength. Participants also experience a reduction in edema (swelling) and pain.  And with this you can also subscribe to our virtual yoga classes anywhere in the country!  You can practice techniques with certified instructors in the comfort of your own home, personal gym or support group.”

Class Description & Details

GENTLE FLOW YOGA by Britta Eumann @ AbsoYOGAlutely

Designed to help promote lymph flow and circulation, joint mobility, gently build muscle tone, calm the nervous system and relieve stress. This uplifting class provides students with a safe space to explore movement and (re-)connect with their own body. Breath coordinated with gentle & mindful movements along with poses (standing, seated and on the floor), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation to round out the practice. 

All levels and completely beginner friendly (do NOT be afraid)

You just need a comfortable non slippery surface (yoga mat, carpet etc.), optional but helpful props are 2 yoga blocks (or 2 sturdy books) and a yoga blanket (or a large bath/beach towel).  Also consider setting up close to a wall or have a chair nearby, for balance support if needed.

About Britta Eumann

Britta Eumann is an experienced yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance (ERYT 200) with over 1000 teaching hours, and just about finished with her yoga therapist certification with IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists). She is a Yoga of the Heart ® – Cardiac and Cancer Certified teacher and has been teaching yoga at the Cancer Wellness Center in Northbrook, Illinois.

She teaches restorative yoga, gentle yoga, slow flow/mindful vinyasa, chair yoga, yoga nidra/deep relaxation, yoga for cancer patients (in treatment and survivors) as well as individualized private classes.

After taking her first yoga class Britta was hooked by the practice, and in 2015 enrolled in her first yoga teacher training to help other people experience the same benefits. She is deeply grateful for having been able to study with amazing and experienced teachers from a variety of lineages since embarking on her journey as a yoga teacher giving her an extensive toolbox to draw from. This is reflected in her classes, where she emphasizes creating a safe space for every student, meeting them where they are in their personal yoga journey and guiding them safely to self-exploration and awareness of body, mind and breath and she is especially passionate about teaching yoga to all those who think they are too inflexible, exhausted, old, injured, ill or feel otherwise limited or excluded from the practice of yoga.

Challenge Details

Each designated day the Absoyogalutely Instagram page will post the Gentle Flow Yoga workout of the week for our participants. (They are based in Chicago, IL in the United States if that helps your time zone conversion.)


  • You have an ENTIRE week to complete the posted workout.
  • You may post any number of additional workouts that you choose throughout the week but the one weekly workout is the minimum.
  • Modify as necessary.

Team Atmosphere

  • No need for your workouts to be complicated.
  • Participate at your level and do not be afraid to try something new.
  • This is a challenge for Lymphies by Lymphies. This means it is not a competition. It is a challenge for yourself to improve or maintain your lymphatic health, depending on your needs.
  • By joining you commit to #MOVETHATLYMPH and sharing your progress in the group. Do not sign up if you do not have time.
  • This challenge is a pledge to support and inspire your teammates. 

Social Media Sharing

If sharing makes you uncomfortable or you do not have time to post on social media, then this virtual challenge is not for you.

If you do not share your workouts in the group, you are not motivating others and likewise others cannot support and motivate you when you need encouragement. Think of your sharing as tracking your progress or a journal towards your achievement.  You will be surprised how much you have accomplished once you complete the challenge.


Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about LE related or not. If you must drop out due to unforeseen circumstances such as cellulitis, surgery, or other emergency issues, send Lymphie Strong a message.  If the reason is personal, there is no need to divulge your private circumstances. You will not be chased if you are not on the finish line. No worries.

Challenge Instructions


The #MOVETHATLYMPH Series originated in January 2017.  We thank our valued and repeat challenge members and welcome new joiners alike. All of you are the true inspirational Lymphedema/Lipo-LE heroes and backbone of the entire cause to create lymphatic health awareness.  Your full participation makes it a complete success for all.  


  1. Like or Follow the Lymphie Strong and Absoyogalutely pages.
  2. Submit the payment to register by the deadline. This is final and non-refundable regardless if you finish. Only PayPal is accepted. You will receive a virtual BIB NUMBER.
  3. Submit the signed waiver to Absoyogalutely.
  4. If you are not already in the Lymphie Strong Running & Fitness Club for Lymphedema closed Facebook group, you are welcome to join. Answer the questionnaire completely. Twitter and Instagram users are also welcome.
  5. Commit to #MOVETHATLYMPH for the minimum requirements at least.
  6. Post your check-in workouts as a summary once per week for duration of the challenge.
  7. If you are on Twitter or Instagram, follow and tag @lymphiestrong in your posts. Use hashtags #movethatlymph #absoyogalutely #lymphiestrong and your workout session number summary. Don’t forget your bib number hashtag!
  8. Each participant is responsible for tracking their own updates. Lymphie Strong will post weekly start reminders each week.
  9. Once you reach 3 workouts, you are done. You may continue to post and count if you choose to do so, but it is not a requirement.
  10. One day counts as one. Do not count two workouts/activities in one day as two, etc.
  11. Do not post a screenshot of your activity app and not explain what you did.
  12. Rest days are strongly encouraged but do not count toward your total.
  13. Any member losing track or missing 2 weekly check-ins will be disqualified. No exceptions. Refer above to “Team Atmosphere”


Absoyogalutely will award 2 prizes in the form of FREE PAIR OF STOCKINGS (or 1 set of Sleeves/Hands if Upper) and 10 class package for yoga/fitness classes to separate winners. These prizes are not redeemable for cash and non-transferable. You must complete the registration prior to February 13, 2021 at 8 PM CENTRAL (US & Canada) to be entered into the drawing.


Questions or communications may be submitted via email to or through the form below.  It is not monitored on the weekends.

Good Luck and Wishing You Awesome Lymphatic Health!

Lymphie Strong