Lymphie Strong Faces of Lymphedema


Thank You

I would like to take an opportunity to thank every single person with Lymphedema for allowing their photo to be used on the FB cover photo of the Standing Up To Lymphedema community page.

A total of 31 people participated in The Lymphie Strong Faces of Lymphedema collaboration derived from members of the Lymphie Strong Inspiration Group.  Anyone newly diagnosed can see that life with Lymphedema is definitely not over. Life is different, but we keep moving forward until the day a cure is found.

They are an amazing, phenomenal group who battle and conquer Lymphedema in their own way every single day. They personify Standing up to Lymphedema in every sense of the word. I cannot say enough about their strength, positive outlook, and resiliency. They come from all walks of life, age groups, cultures, and countries.

Many have overcome lymphedema issues against overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable odds. Some have had lymphedema for decades or since birth or early childhood. I have seen reduction and management determination that is a true testament to the power of the human spirit.

We are very much a Lymphie family and discuss a variety of topics. One day we will have a cure. Until then, we are united against Lymphedema!!

We don’t give up. Not this group.

In Memoriam

In the center, I placed my late father, Pete Poncio, Jr., in the center of the photo. He had Lymphedema Distichiasis for 43 years until his passing from cancer on June 2016. I created the group and blog in his honor last September not knowing he would pass away less than a year later. Since he was the strongest person with lymphedema that I personally knew in my life, it seemed only fitting to add him in memoriam.

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