2021 #MOVETHATLYMPH CHALLENGE Check-in Instructions

The #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge Series was created in 2017 because exercise is beneficial to lymphedema management. It’s a platform to get moving, stay moving and commit to your lymphatic health by doing something active, every day, for at least 10 minutes a day with a community of people who know firsthand what it is to live with lymphedema.

Check-in Instructions

The best way to check-in for a #movethatlymph challenge is on a weekly basis with week number, workout number, and the date. This is to track them until you reach 12. Notice the rest days below between Nov 5-6, and I shared a photo of my bike.

Since this is a virtual challenge, it’s important to journal and interact with your teammates. Most importantly, have fun! Read on for more examples.

Check-in Locations

You may post in either of our private Facebook groups the Lymphie Strong Running & Fitness Club for Lymphedema or 2021 #MOVETHATLYMPH CHALLENGE SERIES by Lymphie Strong, Instagram, or Twitter.


Week 1 Checkin (Use hashtag bib number)

Workout 1: Nov 2 – 4.26 miles walk w/ my husband and son

Workout 2: Nov 3 – 1.84 miles walk w/ my dog / weights with ASIC Studio

Workout 3: Nov 4 – Rebounding w/ Amy Rivera AM / 3 mile bike ride in PM

Workout 4: Nov 7 – 1.46 miles walk w/ my dog / weights with ASIC Studio

Workout 5: Nov 8 – 2.50 miles cycle & walk w/ my husband and son

Love this challenge and love seeing all of you share your progress!! Thanks for sharing the journey with me.

#lymphiestrong #movethatlymph #juzocompression

Journaling increases your success by over 60%. You are also able to review your past achievements and personal growth over time.

More example status updates you can post

  • #MOVETHALYMPH Week 1 #bibnumber
    • Day 1 – Walking
    • Day 2 – Swimming
    • Day 3 – Yoga
  • #MOVETHATLYMPH Week 2 #bibnumber
    • Day 4 – Deep Breathing/Pumping
    • Day 5 – Stretching
    • Day 6 – Gardening
  • #MOVETHATLYMPH Week 3 #bibnumber
    • Day 7 – Rebounding
    • Day 8 – Walking
    • Day 9 = Skiing
  • #MOVETHATLYMPH Week 4 #bibnumber
    • Day 10 – Pilates
    • Day 11 – Recumbent Bike
    • Day 12 – Deep Breathing/Pumping

As a separate option, you may post every single day, but you must keep track until you hit 12.  Don’t forget your hashtags and don’t forget to check-in on the finish line.

What happens if you don’t finish a virtual race?

Long story short, nothing.

There is no reason to self identify that you have not finished a #movethatlymph virtual event or race. Why? Is it because I don’t care? No, I care about all of you.

We have a grown a lot since 2017. In the beginning, I used to track checkins, especially those that did not finish and all it did was create tension and awkwardness. I use to chase people.

Did you forget? Are you okay? Are you going to do it?

The stories I got back were very all about life and sometimes very sad. Surgeries, falls, unexpected illnesses, unexpected deaths in the family, cancer recurrence, unplanned emergency work projects, children issues, aging parents issues, and even one case of domestic violence. That’s when I backed off.

None of those things were my business and all of it was their private life.

If you sign up for a real 5K race in Houston, TX, it can cost anywhere $40-$75 dollars depending on the event. Thousands will do any given event. You have to get up super early and fight parking and of course get your spot in the race. The biggest race I ever signed up for had 5,000 people. If you miss it because you got there late and couldn’t find parking , they don’t care. They won’t let you start late. One guy told me “All that matters is you start and you cross the finish line.”

This is why we have the virtual finish line. If you are not on it, I’ll assume you did not finish, but I will never invade your private life.

Lymphie Strong #MOVETHATLYMPH Challenge Series 2020

Founded in 2017 by Veronica Seneriz, the Lymphie Strong Move That Lymph Challenge Series has had 25 Challenges across 16 countries for people living with lymphedema.

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