Lymphie Strong Launches Outreach Process

This blog post is about giving and is near and dear to my heart.  Most of you know that I volunteer for both LE&RN and the LTA.  I recognize the importance of volunteerism.  Anyone who knows me knows I fundamentally believe in giving and grassroots patient initiatives to help our community.

Right now I have no insurance myself, so I am completely sensitive to the need for compression & supplies. Historically we have always sort of loosely done donations and giveaways on an ad hoc basis from individuals.  We have done a hurricane relief campaign and some others. There are, however, some challenges around this.


  • When donors approach me, the first thing they might not realize is that my sites are global. A potential recipient could be quite literally across the world. Thus shipping expenses are a factor.
  • I have also had feedback in some cases that the donor sends the gift and never hears back from that person again, despite repeated attempts. Thus, they are not inclined to give again.
  • There are also duty taxes associated with international gifts. Sometimes people turn gifts down.

In short, giving is complicated.

New Process

The purpose of the development of the Lymphie Strong Giveaways & Outreach process is to streamline the facilitation of giving. For the record, I am not a compression or supplies nonprofit. However, I am approached fairly frequently and asked if someone is need because a donor wants to give away an item and can it be posted on my sites?  I find myself repeating the same things which is inefficient and unsustainable long term.

Status April 2019

As of now, we have no donors. When something becomes available, I will share it on my sites. We will use this link when donations are open, if ever in the future.

Thank you,

Lymphie Strong


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