2018 #MOVETHATLYMPH Great Outdoors Virtual 5K Registration


A virtual 5K is a race that can be run (or walked)  from any location you choose.  You can run, jog, or walk on the road, in the pool, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym or on the track (or even at another race). You get to do your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself if you want.

This means you can do a little each day or all in one go.  You can even do a 5K per day if you are advanced.  Basically, you have the freedom choose how much time you need.  You will receive a t-shirt sponsored by Juzo USA after June 17, 2018.

Great Outdoors Virtual 5K

Our next #MOVETHATLYMPH challenge is called the Great Outdoors Virtual 5K.  It runs from June 1-June 17. Try to pick a scenic route for your Virtual 5K.  However, if it is too hot, a treadmill works just fine!  No need for your 5K to be complicated.  Participate at YOUR level.  This is a challenge for Lymphies by Lymphies.  This means it is NOT a competition.  It is a challenge for yourself to improve or maintain your lymphatic health, depending on your needs.

LE&RN Donation

Please kindly make a $10 gift donation at the following link – https://grouprev.com/CALymphWalk-LFRC

Our Runners Pledge

We run to defeat Lymphedema.

When we get tired, we remember when our bodies could not run or move. We remember those who can’t run or walk and would give anything to have this simple gift we take for granted. We run harder for them, because we know they would do the same for us.

–The Lymphedema Running & Fitness Club

Good Luck and Wishing You Awesome Lymphatic Health!

Lymphie Strong

Donation Gift (Voluntary)

If you wish to make a voluntary donation to Lymphie Strong, feel free to do so at your own discretion. The table below is $10 increments. If you wish to donate $20 enter 2 in the box, which is $10 x 2. Donation is non-refundable and non-tax deductible. Thank you in advance.


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